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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy Holidays

Well Christmas time is here. Since Daves not a cop anymore money's been really tight and we havent been able to afford all the real big christmas gifts for Becky....but we have gotten her a few things and i hope to get her more with the money i get from baby sitting. I love the holidays but at the same time they are bittersweet because Becky is turning 2 next month...lol I know typical mom right! I just cant believe she's already almost 2. Her first her flew by pretty fast but her second year flew by faster. She's getting so big and she's so smart. I couldnt be more proud. She knows all her colors, and some of her shapes. She's talking more and more and much much more clear these days. She's happy and healthy and really thats all I can ask for. So far Becky is getting a kitchen set, a Dora Scooter and a Dora Hockey set!!! she's got some magnet alphabets and numbers to go on the fridge and another Dora doll! we just bought the wrapping paper and next week I'm gonna try to find her a Dora stocking! She loves Dora so much!!! She still loves the Wiggles of course and she likes Go Diego Go as well.
As Imentioned earlier Daves no longer a cop, he now works for best buy, and I baby sit to help out with bills. Becky loves haivng her daddy home more often and I must add I love having him here too! Well thats all for now its really late and I need some sleep. GOOD NIGHT I'LL WRITE BACK MORE AFTER CHRISTMAS

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