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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Becky's trip to the Florida Aquarium

Today we took Becky to the Florida Aquarium. She loves fish!! We went on the Dolphine Ecco tours and she saw Dolphines in there natural habitate. She liked the boat ride and she liked to get splashed by the water. When she saw the Dolphines she pointed and say WOW, she was very excited. Then when we got done with that we went inside the aquarium. She Oooed and Ahhhed over the fish. She loved the shark tank and she likes the aligators and the turtles. She was also really fond of the sting ray petting tank mainly because she could splash in the water. There were only a couple of parts that scared her and it's because it was realy dark and she wasnt to sure of the fog. For the most part it was a GREAT family day!!! We ended it with dinner at Sonny's BBQ.

The Wiggles,
Becky has a new favorite show. she still likes her Fresh Beat Band she prounoces it as Frebeban, but for the most part she wants nothing but her Gwiggles (Wiggles). She loves Dorthy the Dinosaur and her Favorite songs are the Monkey Dance, Rock a bye your bear, and Big Red Car. she can do the dance moves to the monkey dance and she sings along with it, and she does the dance moves to Rock A Bye Your Bear. We are taking her to the Wiggly Circus, Wiggles concert on August 11th and i know she will ove it.

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