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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

As time flys by

We took a trip to Port Canaveral Fl. for my nephews 16th birthday! It was a blast and Dave and I fell in love with the Timeshare!!! We are planning another trip here soon. Becky had so much fun and she loves the water so it was perfect. I cant help but to think about how lucky we are to have each other. Becky is such a blessing to Dave and I and I couldnt imagine a better life! I am so proud of her. She is talkin more and more everyday. She is loving her time with Daddy when Dave is off but deep down she's still a mama's girl. She's been so super lovey to me this past week and just out of the blue she runs up and gives mommy a hug or a kiss! It makes my heart melt each time.

We are buying our old house!! I cant wait to be out of these apartments and Becky will hve her own room. Her very own swing set and sand box! I'm so excited to be giving our Daughter a real yard! We should be in it by thursday.

Here lately I've been thinking about going back to work. Dave has had to pick up more overtime so we can make it and he keeps telling me not to worry about it. To stay home with Becky so we know whats happening to her. I fully agree with him but i cant help to feel a little guilty. I love so much being a stay at home mom, and although it does get a little difficult at times when you having a teething toddler throwing fits cause her gummy's hurt, but in truth the difficult times of being a stay at home mom are way over-shadowed by the really great ones!!!

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