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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Shutterfly steals my heart

Wednesday, December 8, 2010
Sending Love across the state is easy to do with Shutterfly
Shutterfly allows me to take some our best moments and freeze them in time. Imagine seeing the one you love the most anytime you want. Becky's smile brightens my day the moment I see it. Shutterfly allows me to take this smile and all of our special moments and send them to her Grandpa, her Uncle, and a few of our real close friends. The cards, calenders, and ivitations are of outstanding qaulity. Shutterfly is the best in what they do and are very reasonably priced, and their selections is outstanding. Their website is super easy to access and is easy to navigate. The Christmas card many memories is my favorite item because it allows me to take my favorite poses over the previous year and put them on one holiday card. I plan to make this collage of Becky's adventures through out 2010 and that will be the best holiday card that EVERYONE will love. Our out state family and friends will love this, it will be as if they were here to see everything in action. I love that I can take her picture and put it on a calender or anything that I want to do with it. Shutterfly offers us endless possibilities with our favorite pictures. They have everything you need through-out the year. Cards, invitations, Calenders, and many many more choices I am eclosing 3 links to my favorite shutterfly items at the end of this. I really hope I inspire atleast one person to give Shutterfly a try, Shutterfly is outstading and honestly am really happy I chose them to help me brighten the days of those I truly care about.

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